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Ministry of Education, University and Research, Italy


Acronym: MIUR

Country: Italy

Role in SEAS-ERA: MIUR will lead WP5 on capacity building, as well as Task 4.3 (use of industrial infrastructures). They will also contribute to WP1, WP2, WP3, WP9, WP10, and to the Mediterranean regional network (WP7).



The Ministry of Scientific Research and Education (MIUR) is a public body. Its mission is to foster the culture of lifelong learning and education in Italy. MIUR contributes to the Italian intellectual capital, scientific progress and socio-economic development of Italy through the education system and innovation.

MIUR sets policies and plans to universities, organizations and institutions devoted to research and technology and keeps track of the results for their use in service of society. MIUR also promotes the participation and integration of the national research activities into international programmes.

Marine Institutes, framed within MIUR, are funded with a full-cost budget of more than 85 M€, plus additional funds provided in the framework of the global changes and transportation programmes and also in coordination with other Ministries in the fisheries and bio-diversity programmes.

MIUR encourages the collaboration between public organizations and private enterprises supporting also public/private national and international joint research labs. MIUR also provides the guidelines and finances for the public and private education in Italy.

Lead person

Photo Maria Uccellatore
Director of the EU Programmes Office of the Ministry of Education, University and Research

Giuseppe Cavarretta
Director of the Department of Earth and Environment (DTA) of the National Research Council of Italy

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