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Geniki Grammateia Erevnas kai Technologias, Ypourgeio Paideias, Dia Viou Mathisis & Thriskevmaton, Greece

Acronym: GSRT

Country: Greece

Role in SEAS-ERA: GSRT will lead the Mediterranean network (WP7), and will contribute to all thematic work packages (WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP9, WP10).



The General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Ministry of Education, Life Long Learning & Religious Affairs, Greece (GSRT) was founded in 1985. GSRT is the central Department for the administration of the Greek R&D system:

  • Supports through its policies & programmes, the research activities of the country s scientific
  • research institutes and its productive industry, focussing on areas that are important for the national economy and for the improvement of the quality of life.
  • Promotes the transfer and dissemination of advanced technologies throughout the country s productive sector, thus ensuring early utilisation of the results of research activity.
  • Contributes to the reinforcement of country´s research manpower.

GSRT is divided into 8 Directorates and 2 autonomous departments. The International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Directorate - European Union Division represents Greece in relevant institutions of the European Union, thus bringing the country s research and technology activities into line with the requirements of the international community and promotes international cooperation with other countries and international organisations on research and technology issues. GSRT participates in 16 ERANET projects of FP6 and in 7 ERANET projects of FP7 so far.

Lead person


Chrysoula Diamanti
Coordinator of the ERA.NET projects in which GSRT participates



Kostas Nittis
Research Director of the Hellenic Center of Marine Research


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