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Belgian Federal Public Planning Service Science Policy, Belgium


Acronym: BELSPO

Country: Belgum

Role in SEAS-ERA: BELSPO will lead Task 3.1 (Joint Calls guidelines and procedures), and will contribute to WP1, WP2 and WP6 (Atlantic regional network).



The Belgian Federal Public Planning Service Science Policy (BELSPO) is a federal administration that is responsible for the preparation and implementation of research programmes in several fields (fundamental research, sustainable development, social cohesion, information society, space technology, 0). It is also responsible for 10 Research Institutions. BELSPO manages an annual budget of about 513 MEURO. Today, it has some 2.700 staff, 33% of whom are university graduates (Federal average: 19%) and 55% of whom are contractual staff.

BELSPO is also owner of several research infrastructures on behalf of the Belgian State (e.g. the oceanographic research vessel Belgica) Marine research is currently mainly financed within the programme "Science for a sustainable development - SSD (2005-2010). The programme SSD is composed of 8 priority research areas: Energy, Transport and mobility, Agrofood, Health and environment, Climate (including Antarctica), Biodiversity (including Antarctica and the North Sea), Atmosphere and terrestrial and marine ecosystems (including Antarctica and the North Sea) and Transversal Research.

At the moment 79 research projects are financed within the SSD of which 21 marine projects. The total budget of the SSD programme is approximately 65,4 MEURO.

The yearly budget for marine research is +/- 5 MEURO.

BELSPO is partner in several ERA-Net projects, including MarinERA, AMPERA, Biodiversa, Circle, SKEP, etc. which are relevant with regard to the SEAS-ERA project.

Lead person


David Cox
Manager of the North Sea Research Programme at the Belgian Science Policy


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