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Coordinator Secretariat

A dedicated Secretariat is based at the Coordinators Institution. It will provide managerial and logistic advice and support and contribute to optimising the development and implementation of all envisaged activities. The Secretariat will oversee the day to day activity of the partnership. They will supervise the duties of each partner in keeping the work programme and the budget under the directives of the NSC and the Coordinator.

The Secretariat will support all partners with regard to reporting tasks to the EC, and will be responsible for the preparation, organisation, reporting and follow up of all the NSC and project management meetings of the consortium. In addition, the Secretariat will be responsible for the knowledge management within the Consortium, as well as all legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the Consortium.

The Secretariat also provides support to partners on the following issues:

  • Management decisions of the network (related to the consortium/contract management)
  • Approval of documents, results and approaches (related to the networking activities)
  • Preparation of sustained co-operation
  • Effective internal flow of communications and information exchange between partners.
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