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SEAS-ERA meetings/workshops documents

SEAS-ERA Presentations


SEAS-ERA Final Conference, 08 - 09 April 2020

Agenda .pdf

Overview of the first year of the projects funded by Seas-Era Atlantic and Mediterranean call.

SEAMAN (Spatially resolved ecosystem models and their application to marine management). Corinna Schrum, University of Bergen (Norway). .pdf

EMoSEM (Ecosystem models as support to eutrophication management in the North Atlantic Ocean). Geneviève Lacroix, RBINS-MUMM (Belgium). .pdf

INVASIVES (Invasive seaweeds in rising temperatures: impacts and risk assessments). Kjersti Sjøtun, University of Bergen (Norway). .pdf

MERMAID (Marine environmental targets linked to regional management schemes based on indicators  developed  for  the  Mediterranean).  Eleni  Kaberi,  Hellenic  Centre  for  Marine Research, HCMR (Greece). .pdf
CIGESMED  (Coralligenous  based  indicators  to  evaluate  and  monitor  the  "good  ecological status" of the Mediterranean coastal waters). Jean-Pierre Feral, CNRS Délégation Provence et Corse (France). .pdf

Seas-Era in the European context

STAGES:  connecting  science  to  policy  to  support  MSFD implementation.  Raquel  Diez, CETMAR. .pdf
Marine  Research  Infrastructures  in  Europe:  overview,  vision and  recommendations.  Jean François Masset, IFREMER. .pdf
EMODNET-European Marine Observation and Data Network. Jan-Bart Caleawert, EMODNET.  .pdf

Pros and cons of the basin approach. Kaisa Kononen, Bonus. Structuring research in Europe. Niall McDonough, EMB. .pdf

Sea Basin approach

EU Sea Basin Strategies. Matthew King, European Commission. .pdf

Marine fisheries research in Spain. Opportunities and challenges on the new UE scenario. Mónica Martínez Castañeda, Ministry for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (General Secretariat of Fisheries), Spain. .pdf

Towards coordinated Marine Research in the Mediterranean Sea in support of regional societal challenges. Vangelis Papathanassiou, HCMR, Greece. .pdf

Envisioning the Mediterranean Sea growth: 2014 major marine science initiatives for a challenging Basin. Margherita Cappelletto, CNR, Italy. .pdf

JPI-Oceans future perspectives. Kathrine Angell-Hansen, JPI-Oceans. .pdf

Wrapping-up Seas-Era

Seas-Era Impact and legacy. An overview. Geoffrey O'Sullivan, MARINE IE. .pdf



SEAS-ERA 3rd Strategic Forum: "SEAS-ERA's Vision & Legacy", 25 February 2020

Agenda and participants list .pdf

Third SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum Report .pdf

SEAS-ERA an overview .pdf

SEAS-ERA Strategic Analysis: A pan-European perspective .pdf

Common programme .pdf

Joint call for research proposals: the SEAS-ERA experience .pdf

Marine Research Infrastructures: overview, vision and recommendations .pdf

HCB in Marine and Maritime Science, from Schemes to Targeted Actions; the SEAS-ERA contribution .pdf

The EU Atlantic Action Plan (2014-2020)The contribution of the SEAS-ERA Atlantic partnership - A Tale of Two Converging Paths  .pdf

The SEAS-ERA Mediterranean Strategic Research Agenda - Towards coordinated marine research in the Mediterranean Sea for new knowledge, environmental protection and blue growth  .pdf

The Value of SEAS ERA BS-SRA in support of Coordinated Marine Research for Sustainability in The Black Sea Region .pdf

Towards a Marine Knowledge Transfer Strategy .pdf



SEAS-ERA Workshop "Towards a Marine Knowledge Transfer Strategy", 17-18 September 2020

Agenda .pdf

SESSION 1 - The SEAS-ERA project and the strategy for the promotion of the uptake of the marine projects results - background, objectives and expectations

Welcome - Paulo Pereira (FCT, Portugal) .pdf

The SEAS-ERA project - Beatriz Morales (MINECO, Spain) .pdf

The outline strategy for the promotion of the uptake of the marine projects results - Dina Carrilho (FCT, Portugal) .pdf

SESSION 2 - The Knowledge transfer processes: towards a how-to guide

Keynote speaker - Institute of Knowledge Transfer (IKT) - Brian Fender .pdf

Keynote speaker - AQUATT UETP LTD (AquaTT) - Marieke Reuver .pdf

SESSION 3 -Instruments and strategies for knowledge transfer: European examples

Keynote speaker - EurOcean - Telmo Carvalho .pdf

Keynote speaker - KIMERAAA - Hugo Pinto .pdf

Practices of the Research Funding Organisations

Belgium - BELSPO - David Cox .pdf

France - IFREMER - Sophie Sergent .pdf

Germany - FZJ-PtJ - Ulrich Wolf .pdf

Italy - CNR - Renata Denaro .pdf

Ireland - MI - Geoffrey O'Sullivan .pdf

Norway - RCN - Nina Hedlund .pdf

Portugal - FCT - Ana Reis .pdf

Spain - MINECO - Beatriz Morales .pdf

UK - NERC - Jacky Wood .pdf

European Marine Board - Niall McDonough .pdf

SESSION 5: Inspiration stories in marine knowledge transfer

Marine robotics experience - INESC TEC - Aníbal Matos .pdf

The biotech for marine products - BIOALVO, S.A. - Helena Vieira .pdf

Spin-off nutrition in aquaculture - SPAROS, Lda - Luís Conceição .pdf

SESSION 6: The future in knowledge transfer

Opportunities in Horizon 2020 - Marta Candeias .pdf

SESSION 7 - Lessons learned and recommendations

Summary day 1 - FCT - Dina Carrilho .pdf


SEAS-ERA 2nd Strategic Forum, 6 February 2020

Agenda .pdf

SEAS-ERA: Objectives and progress to date; Joan Albaiges & B.Morales-Nin (MINECO, Spain) .pdf

Regional research plans

Black Sea; Ҫolpan Polat-Beken (TÜBITAK/MRC, Turkey) .pdf

Mediterranean; Kostas Nittis (GSRT, Greece) .pdf

Atlantic; Geoffrey O'Sullivan (MI, Ireland) .pdf

Baltic Sea; Kaisa Kononen (BONUS EEIG, Finland) .pdf

MSFD Anna Cheilari (EC DG-ENV) .pdf

Stakeholder views

Horizon 2020; Arnoldas Milukas (EC DG-RTD) .pdf

Basin Strategies; Matthew King (EC DG-MARE) .pdf

JPI-OCEANS; Kathrine Angell-Hansen (JPI-OCEANS) .pdf



Programme .pdf

Presentation of the symposium: aims and objectives; J.F Masset and J. Binot (Ifremer, France) .pdf

Session 1: Open and transnational access to MRI; Chair: Stefania Sparnocchia (CNR, Italy) .pdf

Access to research vessels: the EUROFLEETS experience:

  • Nicole Biebow, Scientific review panel representative (AWI, Germany) .pdf
  • Fiona Grant, Logistic review panel chair (MI, Ireland) .pdf

Access to ocean engineering facilities: the MARINET experience; Christophe Maisondieu (Ifremer, France) .pdf

Access to aquaculture infrastructures: the AQUAEXCEL experience; Marc Vandeputte (INRA, France) .pdf

Access to regional RI : the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme (BONUS); Andris Andrusaitis (BONUS, Finland) .pdf

Session 2: MRI complementary uses for monitoring and research; Chair: Jean François Rolin (Ifremer, France) .pdf

Open ocean observation; Laurent Mortier (LOP/UPMC, France) .pdf

Coastal & shelf seas observation; Rodney Forster (CEFAS, United Kingdom) .pdf

European Ecosystem and Biodiversity Observatory System; Pim Van Avesaath (NIOZ, the Netherlands) .pdf

Session 3 : Set-up common procurement strategies, develop common business models; Chair: Per Nieuwejaar (IMR, Norway) .pdf

Regional research vessels; Fabio Trincardi (CNR, Italy) .pdf

Ocean observation new satellites (Jason 3 and Sentinel 3); Pierre-Yves Le Traon (Ifremer, France) .pdf

Session 4 : From coordination to integration of distributed MRIs into networks; Chair: Nick Pade (Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, United Kingdom)

EURO-ARGO (the European contribution to Argo program); Pierre-Yves Le Traon (Ifremer, France) .pdf

EMSO (European Multidisciplinary Sea-Floor Observatories); Paolo Favali (INGV, Italy) .pdf

EMBRC (European Marine Biological Resource Center); Nick Pade (Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, United Kingdom) .pdf

Session 5 : Integration process and industrial partnership: the case of research vessels and underwater vehicles; Chair: Jacques Binot (Ifremer, France) 

Eurofleets1: results and recommendations; Jacques Binot (Ifremer, France) .pdf

Eurofleets2: objectives and roadmap; Dick Schaap (Maris, the Netherlands) .pdf 

The role of public private partnerships (PPPs); Per Nieuwejaar (IMR, Norway) .pdf

Session 6 : Workshop 1 final discussion: reports from the chairs and debate; Co-chairs : Nicole Biebow (AWI, Germany) and Maurice Heral (ANR, France)

Report from the Chair: Session 1 .pdf

Report from the Chair: Session 2 .pdf

Report from the Chair: Session 3 .pdf

Report from the Chair: Session 4 .pdf

Report from the Chair: Session 5 .pdf


Seasera Mediterranean Workshop on Climate change impact on physical circulation and biogeochemical consequences, 27-28 September 2020

Agenda .pdf

List of Participants .pdf

SEAS-ERA and concept of common program; Maurice Héral (ANR, France) .pdf

Presentation on Med-SHIP programme, Miroslav Gačić (CIESM) .pdf

Monitoring the marine environment; D. Velaoras & E. Krasakopoulou (HCMR, Greece) .pdf

Is a Mediterranean Mediterranean-wide observation program possible on observation program possible on climatological climatological scale scale?; Isabelle Taupier-Letage (CNRS, France) .pdf

Climate Change Impact on Physical Circulation and Biogeochemical Consequences; Leonardo Langone (CNR, Italy) .pdf

Seasera Mediterranean Workshop; Montse Sala (CSIC, Spain) .pdf

Deep water variability and inter-basin interactions in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea; Emin Özsoy (METU, Turkey) .pdf


Seasera Mediterranean Workshop on Climate change impact on physical circulation and biogeochemical consequences; Mustafa Koçak (METU, Turkey) .pdf

Pierre GARREAU; (IFREMER, France) .pdf

Contributions to the studies on the impact of the climate change on the Mediterranean currents and the consequences for the biochemistry cycle; Rosa Balbín (IEO, Spain) .pdf

CSIC activities on the impact of climate change on physical circulation and biogeochemical consequences in the Mediterranean Sea; X. Antón Álvarez-Salgado (CSIC, Spain) .pdf

Poster MOSES - 1 .pdf

Poster MOSES - 2 .pdf




SEAS-ERA Atlantic East-meets-West Consultative Workshop - 13 July 2020

Agenda and list of participants .pdf

The EU FP7 SEAS-ERA Project - An Overview, Joan Albaiges .pdf

EU CALAMAR Project: Cooperation across the Atlantic for Marine Governance Integration, Andrew Reid .pdf

FP7 EURO-BASIN Project, Michael St. John .pdf

The International OTN project and the FP7 MADE project on ocean tracking around the Azores, Pedro Afonso .pdf

The SEAS-ERA draft European Atlantic Marine Research Plan - An up-date, Nina Hedlund .pdf

US Atlantic Marine Research Priorities and Funding Initiatives, David O. Conover .pdf

Canadian Atlantic Marine Research Priorities, Siddika Mithani .pdf

Marine Research Funding Perspective from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, Gilles Patry .pdf

East-meets-West Consultative Workshop Report .pdf


SEAS-ERA/CPMR Atlantic Governance Consultative Workshop - 23-24 April 2020

Agenda .pdf

List of participants .pdf

1-Opening, Dina Carrilho .pdf

2-The SEAS-ERA Atlantic Network, an overview, Nina Hedlund .pdf

3-Blue Growth Economy Study - ECORYS, Roelof Jan Molemaker .pdf

4-Progress on the EU Atlantic Strategy, DG MARE, Luis Cuervo Spottorno .pdf

5-Atlantic Arc Commission - CPMR perspective, Pauline Caumont .pdf

6-A Draft Marine Research Plan for the European Atlantic Sea, Maud Evrard .pdf

Invited presentations - Session 1

7.1-OSPAR, Gert Vereet .pdf

7.2-An ICZM perspective, Jeremy Gault .pdf

7.3-Marine Protected Areas - MAIA, Tom Hooper .pdf

Invited presentations- Session 2

8.1-Marine Leisure in the Atlantic Area - NEA2, François Arbellot .pdf

8.2-South Western Waters REgional Advisory Council - SWWRAC, Antonio Schiappa Cabral .pdf

8.3- European Aquaculture Society, Maria Teresa Dinis .pdf

Invtited presentations - Session 3

11.1-A Regional Perspective - Azores Government, Frederico Cardigos .pdf

11.2-Conference of Atlantic Arc Cities - CAAC, Tamara Guirão-Espineira .pdf

Invited presentations - Session 4

12.1-A Maritime Cluster perspective - OCEANO XXI, João Coimbra .pdf

12.2-Knowledge Transfer in the Atlantic Arc - KIMERAA, João Mil-Homens .pdf

12.3-JPI Oceans, Teodoro Ramirez .pdf

12.4-Smart Specialisation Platform - JRC-IPTS, John Edwards .pdf

Governance Consultative Workshop Report .pdf


SEAS-ERA Atlantic Science Consultative Workshop - 28-29 February 2020

Agenda .pdf

List of participants .pdf

Introduction, Geoffrey O'Sullivan .pdf

CLAMER, Katja Philippart .pdf

THOR, Detlef Quadfasel .pdf

MarBEF+, Isabel Sousa Pinto .pdf

HERMIONE, Sybille van den Hove .pdf

EuroMarine, Mike Thorndyke .pdf

Marine Biotech, Catherine Boyen .pdf

Aquaculture & Food processing, Torgeir Edvardsen .pdf

Waterborne transport, Willem Laros .pdf

Renewable Energy, Ray Alcorn .pdf

ICES, Adi Kellermann .pdf

Deep-sea mining, Fernando Barriga .pdf

BONUS, Andris Andrusaitis .pdf

EuroBASIN, Mike St John .pdf

SEAS-ERA Infrastructures tasks, Jean-Francois Masset .pdf

EC MRI group, Rudy Herman .pdf

EuroGOOS & MODEG, Hans Dahlin .pdf

Socio-economic dimension, Regis Kalaydjian .pdf

Science Consultative Workshop Report .pdf


Workshop on New Perspectives in Human Capacity Building in Marine and Maritime Activities - 07 October 2020, Rome


HCB and SEAS-ERA: questionnaire's preliminary results.pdf


HCB in the Atlantic Region.pdf

HCB in the Mediterranean Region.pdf

HCB in the Black Sea.pdf


HCB in Baltic Region.pdf

HCB in the framework of the JPI Oceans'process.pdf


Black Sea Workshop - 11 March 2020, Ankara

BLACK SEA ERA.NET - Networking On Science And Technology In The Black Sea Region, Tübitak .pdf

Coordination Action - Towards integrated European marine research strategy and programmes, Joan Albaiges .pdf

Implementation, gaps, recent tools, targets and timelines - Strategic Research Agenda and Science Plan, Ahmet E. Kideys .pdf

SESAME - Southern European Seas: Assessing and Modeling Ecosystem Changes, Emin Özsoy .pdf

WP 8 - Black sea Strategic Analysis Workshop, Tarık Şahin .pdf


Kick-off Meeting - 29-30 June 2020, Madrid

A European Strategy for Marine and Maritime Research, Ana Teresa Caetano .pdf

Joint Baltic Sea Research Programme BONUS, Kaisa Kononen .pdf

MARCOM+ - Adi Kellermann, Wojciech Wawrzynski .pdf

EurOCEAN 2010 - Grand challenges for marine research in the next decade .pdf

WP 10 - Coordination and Management .pdf

WP 9 - Information & dissemination, FCT .pdf

WP 9 - SEAS-ERA Communication and Information Management, EurOcean .pdf

WP 1 - Strategic Analysis, Marine Board .pdf

WP 2 - Common Programmes, ARN .pdf

WP 4 - Infrastructures, Ifremer .pdf

WP 5 - Human Capacity Building, MIUR .pdf

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