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Common search tool on National and European Marine Funded Projects

    SEAS-ERA as launched a new common search tool. It was developed by EurOcean, of which a key objective is to facilitate the access to valuable information related to research activities and technological development, in cooperation with the previous initiatives MariFish, MarinERA and Ampera.  This common search tool on National and European Funded Projects performs a search on the following four InfoBases powered by EurOcean.


  • MarinERA BASE: The available database comprises the Marine Science and Technology projects, competitively funded by the individual MarinERA partners in 13 European countries.
  • MariFish BASE: The available database comprises the marine fisheries research projects funded or co-funded by the 15 MariFish partner countries.
  • AMPERA BASE: The database comprises the R&D programs accomplished or launched by eight AMPERA ERA-net partner countries from 1990 to 2009. The databank was originally composed on the basis of the results of a special questionnaire fulfilled in 2006 by all AMPERA partners and upgraded latest in 2009.
  • EurOcean_KG: The Marine Knowledge Gate 1.0 (EurOcean_KG) is an upgraded version of the previous European Marine Research Funded Projects (EurOcean_MaP) InfoBase. EurOcean_KG provides access to information on projects funded by COST, EUREKA, EUROCORES (ESF), INTERREG III, 6th Framework Programme (FP6), 7th Framework Programme (FP7), LIFE and SMAP, summing up a total of 1278 projects and 593 KOs (from FP6&FP7 projects) that are already available for consultation.

    To access this tool see

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