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Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, Netherlands

Acronym: NWO

Country: Netherlands

Role in SEAS-ERA: NWO will join the Atlantic regional network (WP6) and will also contribute to WP1, WP2 and WP3.



NWO, the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, promotes basic research at Dutch universities and research institutes and seeks to raise the quality of that research. Innovation by open competitive funding is a key element in this endeavour. To help it achieve these aims NWO annually receives funding of around EUR 600 million from the government. NWO was established by Act of Parliament 60 years ago. The organisation comprises eight research divisions, among which the division for Earth and Life Sciences. NWO is an active member in several international activities like membership of the European Science Foundation Marine Board and the European Consortium on Ocean Drilling.

Marine Science fits very well within the NWO strategy which supports three lines of funding. On the one hand NWO provides basic funding for the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research and on the other it provides a separate budget line for open competitive applications. Thirdly NWO has allocated thematic oriented budgets which also include support for marine sciences through the National programme for Sea and Coastal research. Traditionally Dutch scientists are interested in a wide range of blue ocean research with activities across the world´s oceans. These activities heavily rely on sharing and exchange of facilities with partner countries, mostly European. But also closer at home, like in the North Sea and North Atlantic, many benefits and cost-efficiency can be achieved by regional cooperation and coordination. In total NWO provides an estimated 6 million euros per annum for competitive funding for marine science.

Lead person

Photo Frans Martens
Director of the division for Earth and Life and responsible for the NWO- theme Sustainable Earth
Photo R.M.L. Schorno
Senior Programme Manager for marine sciences, division for Earth and Life Sciences

Josef Stuefer


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