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Research Council of Norway, Norway


Acronym: RCN

Country: Norway

Role in SEAS-ERA: RCN will lead the Atlantic regional network (WP6), and will also contribute to all thematic work packages (WP1, WP2, WP3, WP4, WP5, WP9 and WP10).



The Research Council of Norway (RCN) is a national strategic body and funding agency for research and innovation activities. The Research Council covers all fields of research and innovation and works together with research institutions as well as the private and public sectors to reach the national financial goals and quality targets set in this area.

The Research Council plays a vital role in developing and implementing the country´s national research strategy. The Research Council has an annual budget of proximately NOK 6 billion (750 million €) and utilises specifically-targeted funding schemes to help translate national research policy goals into action.

It acts as:

  • a government adviser, identifying present and future needs for knowledge and research, and recommending national priorities;
  • a funding agency for research programmes and independent projects, strategic programmes at research institutions, and Norwegian participation in international research activities;
  • a co-ordinator, initiating networks and promoting co-operation between research institutions, ministries, business and industry, public agencies and enterprises, other sources of funding, and users of research.

The Research Council of Norway comprises three research divisions: Division for Science, Division for Strategic Priorities and Division for Innovation. In addition, there are two administrative divisions; the Division for Administration and the Division for Communication. The Research Council Norway has proximately 350 employees.

The Research Council of Norway is member of several international organisations, programmes and institutes and is taking actively part in international collaboration and cooperates with similar funding organisations in other countries. The Council has signed cooperation agreements with institutions in many countries. The Research Council of Norway carries the national responsibility for the management of EU framework programmes for research and technological development. All the Norwegian NCPs and most of the experts to the committee meetings are based in the Research Council. The Research Council contributes to deliberations and recommendations relating to policy and the substance of EU initiatives through its representation in relevant committees and meetings and other submitted written input. There is a close contact between the Norwegian Ministries and The Research Council in this matter.

Lead person


Nina Hedlund
Special Adviser of RCN and the programme coordinator for the marine research programme involved in this ERA-Net


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