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Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, Bulgaria


Acronym: MEYS

Country: Bulgaria

Role in SEAS-ERA: MEYS will contribute to WP1 and WP2, and will lead Task 4.1 (research infrastructures priorities). Under the Black Sea regional network, MEYS will lead Tasks 8.3 (Joint Calls) and 8.4 (Infrastructures).




The Ministry of Education and Science (MEYS) is a public organisation with a main office in Sofia. The MEYS supports activities, programmes and projects, which are focused on encouraging scientific research in the Republic of Bulgaria. The activities of the MEYS are: initiating, supporting and carrying out activities for the advancement of science, innovation and technology; preparing and participating in scientific projects under regional, European and international programmes; acting as consultant and expert in activities for the preparative, administrative and financial management of projects under regional and international programs and initiatives; supporting databases, electronic libraries and disseminating information for previous and current regional, European and international scientific programs and initiatives. The MES is responsible for the overall coordination of the Framework Programme 7 activities including support and management of ERA-Net programmes.

The MEYS is responsible for developing national reports on the annual developments in science and research in Bulgaria and benchmarking towards EUROSTAT and OECD S&T indicators. Furthermore the MEYS-CRA, together with the national statistical office, is elaborating the national indicators, benchmarks and official statistical data for a state-of-the-art national research system. The CRA staff who are participating in the SEE-ERA.NET PLUS (as well as SEE-ERA.NET and WBC-INCO.NET projects) have a sound background in finance, experience in national funding activities and follow up monitoring and audit procedures. The MEYS-CRA has a long history in providing specialised training for general and specialised groups from researchers to high-level decision makers.

Lead person

Photo Albena Vutsova
Director of the Research and Analyses Department at the Ministry of Education and Science

Lora Pavlova
Senior Expert at the Centre for Research and Analyses, Ministry of Science and Education


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