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Associated Partners

A group of Associated Partners will be created under the agreement of the NSC in order to allow voluntary attendance to meetings of external members of related initiatives or programme owners, enhancing thus the visibility and impact of this ERA-Net project.

A special status of Associated Partner will be given to BONUS for its implication in the coordination of the Baltic Region, and particular advisory links will be established with the complementary marine research partnership initiative, represented by MARCOM+. Several contacts have already taken place with these two particular initiatives. BONUS, more precisely, has written a letter with principles for cooperation and integration in this group (see Annex I). Formal arrangements will be made with BONUS for its participation, with a non-voting status in the NSC.

Associated Partners may participate in all working packages but are not members of the consortium and therefore are not in principle entitled to claim for expenses. However, in order to ensure involvement of certain key entities and initiatives, some extra budget for travel and subsistence has been allocated by different partners in order to cover partly travel expenses of members in this group.

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