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Project Coordinator

The Project Coordinator role will be performed by MICINN. The Project Coordinator will act as Chairman of the NSC and the Management Team; the coordinator will also play an important role, both in steering it and in conveying its results to the NSC. The coordinator will be the spokesperson of the project and the contact person for the European Commission, having the role of informing the EC officers in charge of the progress of the project.

MICINN will have to ensure consistency between the scope and progress of activities of the four regions, as well as to coordinate with Thematic WP Leaders every horizontal issue from a European perspective.

The project website will be used to disseminate information to the general public and also for use only among members of the ERA-Net implementing a private section inside of it.

Besides from communication and representation duties, the Project Coordinator will be also in charge of supervising the management of the project in general on a day to day basis, proposing any actions necessary to correct potential deviations from the project plan, both operational and financial. In this role the coordinator will have the support and advice of the Management Team and the Secretariat.

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