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Network Steering Committee

The Network Steering Committee (NSC) will consist of authorised representatives of all ERA-Net partners (Funding Marine Research Organizations) and will be chaired by the Consortium Coordinator (MICINN). The NSC will direct the activities of the ERA-Net and will be the highest decision making body where all partners are represented.

The NSC will have a monitoring and advisory role to ensure that the project moves forward according to the specific needs and requirements for the development of a co-ordinated European strategy on marine RTD programmes.

The NSC will meet al least once a year, after one of the two annual Management Team meeting, in synchrony with the annual project reporting periods. It will monitor progress made in the different Work packages and regional activities, and decide on major issues addressed during the progress of the project.

This group will have the decision power on main strategic (higher level) decisions significantly affecting the development of the project in general, as well as any amendment to the Description of Work of the Grant Agreement, and also including technical, exploitation, financial, and IPR issues. The NSC will evaluate and approve main documents, results and approaches related to networking activities, ensuring quality and integration of the regional approached into a pan-European research strategy.

The NSC may invite Observers to participate in its meetings according to the matters to be discussed. Specific preference will be given to relevant ERA-Net representatives.

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