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SEAS-ERA Joint Call in the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions – 2012

A 4.4 M€ joint call was open for the submission of transnational proposals in the Atlantic sea and Mediterranean regions in the three following topics:


A - Ecosystem approach and ecosystem models for the North Atlantic Ocean

B - Risk assessment of invasive alien species - changes in marine biodiversity

C - Development of indicators and science support and management tools for the determination of Good Environmental Status in the Mediterranean Sea

Trans-regional cooperation is highly encouraged, in particular in topics A and C, i.e. through comparative studies between the different regional approaches, comparison of methodologies and the transfer of knowledge between both regions, etc. 


Full proposal Deadline: May 24th, 2012 at 5:00 p.m. GMT

For more detailed information, read carefully the following documents:

Each partner will be funded by the respective national funding organization. Please notice that some partners will only fund projects including the Atlantic region.

Further information can be obtained through the national funding organizations and the call secretariat.

Prior to full proposal submission, read the Guidelines for electronic submission (available soon).

Only the applicants acting as coordinators (who represents the project consortium externally and is responsible for its internal management) are invited to submit online a full proposal form.

Please request your login and password by email to

The applicants/coordinators, after collecting the information from other consortium partners, will enter the administrative details and project summary (publishable) directly in the Electronic Submission System (ESS) and will upload the project description form (including CVs of all partners) and the "statement of commitment" for heads of all partner institutions in the ESS.

Please submit your full proposal form in the ESS here.

The project consortium must involve a minimum of three independent research institutions from at least three funding countries.

Project duration should be minimum two years and maximum three years.

The starting date for projects should be preferably by October 2012 (not later than January 2013).

Nine assessment criteria will be used to evaluate the proposals as described in the Call for proposals. Scientific quality is considered above all other criteria and a high quality is a prerequisite for funding. Transnational added value is the value resulting from the transnational research project, which is additional to the value of national research projects.

Follow up of the funded projects

A workshop will be held approximately half way through the duration of the funded projects to provide an overview of project progress and collaboration. The costs for workshop attendance should be included in the budgets of the full proposals.



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