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Collaborative Projects funded under Joint Calls of previous marine ERA-NETs

Final Reports with scope, main outcomes and useful results for stakeholders.

1st AMPERA Call for Proposals (2007)

DEOSOM - Detection and Evaluation of Oil Spills by Optical Methods

DRIFTER - HNS, oil and inert pollution: Trajectory modelling and monitoring

ECO-RAID - Ecological Risk Assessment Information Data-mining and Comparison

OILDEBEACH - Buried fuel in the intertidal beach zone: coupling between beach morphodynamic, natural degradation, forcing mechanisms and biological activity

RAMOCS - Implementation of risk assessment methodologies for oil and chemical spills in the European marine environment

TOXPROF - Toxicity profiling of the major EU transported oil types

MarinERA Trans-National Call (2008)

ReDEco - Regional Drivers of Ecosystem Change and its Influence on Deep-Sea Populations in the Mediterranean

MedEX - Inter-basin exchange in the changing Mediterranean Sea: Impact on the ecosystems in the vicinity of the Straits connecting the Mediterranean Sea with adjacent Basins

Marine phylogeographic structuring during climate change: the signature of leading and rear edge of range shifting populations

ECODRIVE - Ecosystem Change in the North Sea: Processes, Drivers, Future Scenarios

MedECOS - Decadal-scale Variability of the Mediterranean Ecosystem

Marifish Joint call for research proposals (2008)

REPROdUCE - Understanding REcruitment PROcesses Using Coupled biophysical models of the pelagic Ecosystem

BADMINTON - Bycatch and discards: management indicators, trends and location

DEFINEIT - Developing fisheries management indicators and targets


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