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EMoSEM- Ecosystem Models as Support to Eutrophication Management In the North Atlantic Ocean
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The SEAS-ERA consortium have been greatly saddened by the news that our esteemed colleague, Kostas Nittis, passed away last Tuesday, 29 June. Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy and we offer our heartfelt condolences to Kostas's family at this difficult time.
The SEAS-ERA consortium, a partnership of the leading Marine RTD Funding Organizations in 18 countries had its Final Conference on the 08 - 09 of April 2014. After 4 years of intensive work the SEAS-ERA results were shared with all interested actors in the project.
The 3rd SEAS-ERA Forum provided an opportunity to: 1) present the key outputs of the SEAS-ERA project to external stakeholders; 2) discuss the legacy of the project; 3) and exchange on future mechanisms and next steps for cooperation in support of better alignment of national marine research programming.
This consultation aims to gather opinions concerning these developments in order to help the EU develop its position.
This report analyzed the commonalities and differences of the research strategies between the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea, the three sea basins of the FP7 SEAS-ERA project.
At the close of the Healthy Oceans - Productive Ecosystems (HOPE) conference, organised by the European Commission, the "Declaration of HOPE" was issued.
The aim is two-fold: 1) An overview of the first year of the 5 projects funded by SEAS-ERA Atlantic and Mediterranean call 2012. 2) A presentation of the results and achievements obtained at the end of SEAS-ERA, the final conclusions of the project and future perspectives of action and next steps for cooperation in support of better alignment of national marine research programming. The Mediterranean perspectives are specially considered.
The European Commission is organising the following workshops to support the Atlantic stakeholders for the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan:
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