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EMoSEM- Ecosystem Models as Support to Eutrophication Management In the North Atlantic Ocean
Now available!
The SEAS-ERA consortium have been greatly saddened by the news that our esteemed colleague, Kostas Nittis, passed away last Tuesday, 29 June. Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy and we offer our heartfelt condolences to Kostas's family at this difficult time.
The SEAS-ERA consortium, a partnership of the leading Marine RTD Funding Organizations in 18 countries had its Final Conference on the 08 - 09 of April 2014. After 4 years of intensive work the SEAS-ERA results were shared with all interested actors in the project.
The 3rd SEAS-ERA Forum provided an opportunity to: 1) present the key outputs of the SEAS-ERA project to external stakeholders; 2) discuss the legacy of the project; 3) and exchange on future mechanisms and next steps for cooperation in support of better alignment of national marine research programming.
This consultation aims to gather opinions concerning these developments in order to help the EU develop its position.
This report analyzed the commonalities and differences of the research strategies between the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Sea, the three sea basins of the FP7 SEAS-ERA project.
At the close of the Healthy Oceans - Productive Ecosystems (HOPE) conference, organised by the European Commission, the "Declaration of HOPE" was issued.
The aim is two-fold: 1) An overview of the first year of the 5 projects funded by SEAS-ERA Atlantic and Mediterranean call 2012. 2) A presentation of the results and achievements obtained at the end of SEAS-ERA, the final conclusions of the project and future perspectives of action and next steps for cooperation in support of better alignment of national marine research programming. The Mediterranean perspectives are specially considered.
The European Commission is organising the following workshops to support the Atlantic stakeholders for the implementation of the Atlantic Action Plan:
To achieve a comprehensive approach of the marine research priorities in the pan-Mediterranean Sea region, a characterization of the alignment, convergences and gaps of the different national projects/programs has been carried out.
Three reports addressing a common research program, marine research infrastructures and human capacity building schemes in Black Sea countries are available.
This draft report is discussing the possible activities, stages and instruments for establishing joint research cooperation programmes in the Black Sea region.
A new OECD publication entitled “Commercialising Public Research: New Trends and Strategies” was released this month.
The Atlantic Report represents a source of information on the sectoral research priorities to be addressed in an Atlantic Sea Basin context to support the Blue Growth Strategy.
This workshop brought together the coordinators of marine research projects, the SEAS-ERA marine research funding organizations, and international experts for the final evaluation of the 14 projects funded under the previous marine ERA-NETs: AMPERA, MariFish and MarinERA.
The aim of this workshop was to contribute to the development of a Marine Knowledge-Transfer Strategy that can be used as a guide to future uptaking of project results by stakeholders of the research funded throughout Joint Calls of marine ERA-NETs.
SEAS-ERA partnership will present their achievements and discuss with stakeholders future mechanisms for marine research cooperation. Registration free of charge, subject to place availability.
The report presents the description of the work performed for the period from 1st November 2011 to 30th April 2013, the main results achieved and the expected final results and their potential impact and use.
The report provides data on ERA-NETs, ERA-NET Plus actions under FP6 and FP7, as well as data on Joint Programming Initiatives. This document is an update of the report issued in June 2012. The data for the ERA-NETs from the Work Programme 2013 are based on proposals still under negotiations.
As part of a mapping exercise carried out by the Coordination and Support Action Oceans (CSA Oceans) on behalf of JPI Oceans, an open online consultation has been launched.
EU, US, Canada launch Atlantic Ocean research alliance
European Commission unveils Maritime Strategy for the Atlantic
23 - 24 May 2013
The 2nd Forum report is available.
The proposed guidelines are circulated in Europe outside SEAS-ERA consortium for discussion. A long-term objective is that a majority of European joint activities and peer review structures adopt and work with these guidelines.
The Programmes’ activities should be rooted in the objectives of the existing policy initiatives and documents and therefore, the Programme should be seen as the implementing tool of the agreed policies.
Countries from the Black Sea region have to use existing opportunities to cooperate in the field of research and innovation.
The report presents the first step of implementing Common Programs and explains how the SEAS-ERA partners have established a broad theme to develop collaboration and selected a specific research area which would benefit from enhanced collaboration.
The European Commission has published the brochure "Communicating EU Research & Innovation - A guide for project participants".
This report presents an overview of existing HCB schemes in the Black Sea countries for proposing new mechanisms and programmes to be implemented at pan-European level, in order to deepen the information and analyses on the existing national portfolio supporting HCB.
The aim of this report is to explain what is meant by the concept of "Common Programs", and to provide guidance on implementing this approach for collaboration within SEAS-ERA. It provides conditions for success and explains benefits that can arise.
The Marine Research Infrastructures (MRI) include a very wide variety of facilities, technologies and services to address the multiple thematics and disciplines of the marine sciences.
The SEAS-ERA Consortium is pleased to announce that 5 R&D projects upon 12 eligible received proposals will get access to funding within SEAS-ERA Joint Call in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Regions - 2012 - in the three following topics:
Details of the 5th and Final EUSA Atlantic Forum Workshop, to be held in Cork (Ireland) on 4th March 2013, are now available
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