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Expected results and impacts

SEAS-ERA initiative will have an impact in terms of a coherent trans-national strategy to ensure excellence in European marine research, with enhanced added value and cost-effectiveness. The reciprocal opening of national funding programmes and development of trans-national calls will, by reducing fragmentation, duplication and isolation, be of benefit to the national funding organizations in the first instance, and ultimately to the European research community and society.

This is a fundamental issue in terms of impact since Community research funding accounts for only a small amount of public resources. The greater part of public funding for research in Europe is spent through national and regional programmes. This is why it is just important that isolation and fragmentation is set aside, giving way for the pooling, coordination and integration of resources, promoting a maximised use of marine investments.

This overarching ERA-Net will be instrumental in promoting the integration of a European Maritime Research Strategy and, in the end, enhancing and consolidating the marine element of the European Research Area.

Therefore, the impact of SEAS-ERA can be envisaged in the following three areas:

1.     Sustained process enabling the delivery of an integrated European marine and maritime research, technology and innovation strategy.

2.     Building cross-sectoral, multinational and interdisciplinary research partnerships; fostering co-operation between research, industry and other stakeholders to enhance knowledge and technology transfer and innovation.

3.     Development of scientific and technology capacity to strengthen the knowledge economy; the planning, investment and shared use of critical infrastructures on a Europe-wide basis.

All these actions will deeply impact in the development of scientific and technology capacity, reinforcing the knowledge based component of the European economy in the marine-maritime sector. The maximization of material and human research resources will have a worthy counterpart in the economic sphere, enabling an improved and balanced exploitation of marine resources, and therefore increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the European economy.


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