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Report on “Identifying needs, specificities and imbalances in human capacity building“ - NOW AVAILABLE


This report provides an overview of the needs, specificities and imbalances in HCB in the marine sector at pan-European level.

National Research Programmes of SEAS-ERA Consortium partners that target human potential are listed in Chapter 1. Chapter 2 includes a survey of EU funding schemes and capacity building efforts in the framework of RTD projects, with particular attention to Marie Curie (mobility) actions. Chapter 3 offers a brief overview of regional (i.e. basin level) programmes and funded projects relevant for the marine sector and the HCB issue. A collection of significant capacity building activities that international organizations and consortia carry out in the marine sector is accounted for in Chapter 4 that reports the experiences of IOC, ICES and BONUS among others. Finally, Chapter 5 presents at global and regional levels the analysis of the information collected through the HCB online questionnaire developed by SEAS-ERA project and delivered to SEAS-ERA partners and their contacts.

The findings of this report represent a milestone to address a capacity building strategy at pan-European level in marine and maritime sector.

Access the summary of the report here

Source: Margherita Cappelletto (CNR)

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