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Black Sea Strategic Analysis Workshop (Ankara, 11th March 2011)


Black-Sea Strategic Analysis Workshop was held on 11 March 2011 in Ankara / Turkey by TUBITAK to initiate the process for development of the Black Sea SRA. There were 28 participants in the workshop including the experts and the members of the project teams from Georgia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Turkey. The main objectives of the Workshop was to determine the basic principals in the preparation of the SRA. The method to be followed while preparing the document was an important point to be decided. On the other hand, the relevant parties to be contacted in this process and the references to be benefitted had to be determined.


During the workshop; the results of the "National and Regional Science and Technology strategies" questionnaire under WP1 were presented, milestones and the timeline were shared with the partners. As a regional initiative, general overview of the BS-ERA.NET Project, the regional priorities covered by the Project, accomplishments, pilot joint call and future plans were examined. The marine research priorities proposed in the national consultation meetings were also shared with the participants.


The workshop was seen as just a starting point for preparation and creation of the SRA document with the support from the Marine Board and the BS Commission regarding the Black Sea work package and to develop new methods and approaches for the SRA. Therefore, clear indications were made towards the Black Sea SRA.


At the end of the Workshop, it was decided that, TUBITAK may draft, compile and follow the preparation procedure of the SRA in consultation with the BS commission, BSEC and the partner institutions. The comments of the experts were received and it was decided to be organized among partners and national and regional experts. The template of the SRA document was accepted by the all Black Sea partners.


Up to now, the experts who were expected to provide contribution to the thematic part of the SRA were contacted. All the contributions from all experts were provided. The SRA will be launched in February 2012.


See the workshop presentations here.



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