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National Consultation Meetings in Turkey (Ankara, 10th January 2011) and in Romania (Bucharest, 8th March 2011)



TUBITAK organized a National Consultation Meeting at TUBITAK Headquarters on 10th of January, 2011 in Ankara within the scope of the activities of preparation for the Black Sea Regional Workshop held in March 2011. The main objective of the workshop was to determine national priorities and propose a regional approach to the SRA document. During the meeting, possible approaches and suggestions for the structure and framework of the Science Plan were discussed and possible research topics were proposed.

UEFISCDI (former CNMP) organized a National Consultation Meeting in Bucharest on 8th of March 2011 with national experts. The main objective of the Workshop "European initiatives-regional research priorities in the Black Sea" was to identify marine research priorities. During the Meeting, marine research priority for the Black Sea was proposed under different areas as biology, geonomy, ecology, energy/transport and cultural heritage. Besides, additional issues where raised by the experts during the open discussions such as development of integrated environmental management marine and coastal measures under pressure of ecologic complex and global change, understanding and managing marine geo-hazards, developing research on the assessment and assessment and modelling of structure, dynamics and functioning in the water masses.

 Source: TUBITAK


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