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Structuring the marine ERA


Addressing the Seas and Oceans issues is a complex endeavour. Every ocean, every marine region, every sea basin has its own and very particular mix of elements. However, they have also an undoubted trans-boundary nature. An integrated approach, combining the regional and trans-national dimensions, is at the heart of any future EU marine-maritime policy.

SEAS-ERA partners at the Final Inventory Meeting (24 May 2011, Brussels). ©Niall McDonough

The EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive, adopted in June 2008, aimed at protecting more effectively the marine environment across Europe, establishes European Marine Eco-Regions on the basis of geographical and environmental criteria.

Each Member State - cooperating with other Member States and non-EU countries within a marine region - is required to develop strategies for their marine waters.

SEAS-ERA will respond to this need by developing and implementing common research strategies and programmes related to the European sea basins and also common strategies and programmes for European coherence in fostering marine research of excellence.

The WP1 of the project has conducted an Initial inventory and analysis of existing national and regional science and technology plans and strategic priorities and developed the frame of the Regional Strategic Research Agendas for the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, that have been elaborated by the Regional WPs.

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Source: Maud Evrard, MB-ESF


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